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Hindsight  3-Gun Target Systems also makes custom targets!

The goal at Hindsight 3-Gun Target Systems is to build the highest quality of safe and fun to use 3-Gun steel targets.

By using innovative designs and state of the art construction methods, Hindsight 3-Gun Target Systems has produced durable targets that truly can be used for Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.

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AR500 Reactive Target Plates

Hardened Steel
No Welds

Target Assembly

Innovative Designs
Easily Set Up Without Tools
Impervious to Dirt Dust
Water, Shrapnel

Virtually No Maintenance

Designed for
The Avid Shooter
The Professional

Rifle Target
Model No. R- 1

Rifle Shotgun
Swinging Target Plate raises yellow flag

Features: 5/8” thick AR500

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Height: 43”
Width: 28”
Depth: 24”
Weight: 1 59 lbs.
Prices on Request

Single Pepper Popper
Model No. P-1

Falls Back When Hit
Thick Rubber Bumper

3/8” Thick AR500

Height: 32.5”
Width: 12”
Depth: 41.5”
Weight: 83 lbs.
Prices on Request

Double Pepper Popper
Model No. PP 1

Features:  1/2” Thick AR500
Overlapping Silhouettes-First Hit, Falls First
Thick Rubber Bumper

Height: 32.5”
Width: 28”
Depth: 40.5”
Weight: 144 lbs.
Prices on Request

Hostage Target
Model No. H-1

Features:  1/2” Thick AR500
Reactive Plate Swivels when hit

Height: 61 .5”
Width: 22”
Depth: 26”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Prices on Request

3-Gun Target
Model No. 3-G1

Features: 1 /2” Thick AR500
‘Clangs’ and Moves When Hit

Height: 60”
Width: 22”
Weight: 93 lbs.
Prices on Request

Pop -n- Drop Steel Reactive Target from Hindsight 3 Gun Targets

Rifle Target Version II

Rifle Hostage Target Version III

Target Stand

Shooting and Shooting Sports can be hazardous to the shooter and to the observer. We believe that shooting safety is the responsibility of the shooter and all persons on the range.

We cannot control the use of our products and believe the ultimate responsibility for safe use of our products rests with the user.

Hindsight 3Gun Target Systems believes that if the shooter and all observers wear hearing and eye protection, hats, and long sleeved shirts, follow the safety guidelines provided with each product and adhere to the four basic rules of firearm safety --

1.  All guns ore always loaded.
2. Never point your firearm at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
3. Be sure of your target and what is behind it
4. Keep finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger until you are ready to fire

-- Then shooting steel targets can be a safe and rewarding activity!

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